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Who are Innoveita?

innoveita is a training company providing a fresh, customised approach to time management using Microsoft Outlook. The training is delivered either as private coaching or in a classroom setting. If you answer yes to one or more of the following statements, you can benefit from the training and you could potentially free up ½ hr – 1 hr per day:

  • I get so many mails and I cannot get to the bottom of them
  • My mailbox is overflowing
  • I write tasks on post-it notes
  • When I get a mail, I try to deal with it immediately
  • I know Joe Bloggs sent me a mail but I can’t find it
  • I spend way too much time looking for filed information


innoveita    .    inno: /ɪnəˈ/  new    .    veita: /ˈveiːta/ old Norse meaning ‘help’
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